Jan 17, 2012

Poppy No. 1

 I finished quilting my background for my new poppy piece.  It was snowing up a storm this morning but has stopped now at 2:30.

 Referring to my sketch I constructed Poppy No. 1 on my teflon sheet.

 There will be 5 poppies in the scene so permanent placement will be made once they are all finished.  I love how everything changes by moving one element to different locations.  

See how this makes you feel so differently to your relationship to the flower and the background recedes.  This is my favorite part and can be the most frustrating part when it does not work.

And if you have time listen to this artist who is now drawing on the iPad!
His work is amazing.


WoolenSails said...

Love how it looks all quilted and the poppies will be gorgeous on that background. I was playing with my sketch book pro yesterday and it does have a lot of brushes that make art fun, now if I could just draw, I might make something, lol.


Susan Turney said...

It's SO fun to follow along and watch how you see things! I can't wait for more!

frannie said...

Your poppies have such personality.

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