Nov 1, 2011


 There was a lot going on today but that was a good thing because I could pop into the studio and look at this piece and see if I could identify what was not working for me.
I decided it was the bright green leaves.  I liked the contrast but it just seemed like too much and it became foreign to the rest of the forest.  So I 
picked out all the quilted ones and then removed the rest and replaced them with this fabulous fabric which to me had the spotty light filtering through the trees.

For me this is much much better!  
Hope to get this quilted in the next two days.  


WoolenSails said...

I really love the change, those leaves are perfect for the foreground without being so bright. This is going to be so beautiful with the quilting.


Libby Fife said...

You still get the 3-d effect which is fab-the color on the leaves is a lot more natural and still looks lit up. Great change; you have a great eye as always:):):)

PS-I just hoped you didn't remove those leaves altogether-I do really like that layered, 3-d thing you have going on:)

Unknown said...

Good call! It is amazing how a few days of letting something simmer can be so helpful. I like the change.

Linda Zimmerman said...

Beautiful! I now notice the bird and the grasses below. It is a beautiful piece.

Rian said...

Stunning piece, Barbara! I also need to sneak up on my stuff in varying lights to see what isn't working.

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