Oct 7, 2011

A Drive To Algoma

 I have been working on a commission piece for a week now.   However we are having the most beautiful weather and Bob convinced me to take a break and go for a drive in our convertible.  Well how can you say no to that.   So we headed up along Lake Michigan to the city of Algoma.   We stopped for lunch and then to a winery where we purchased several bottles of their great wine.

 The we stopped at one of my favorite Galleries - "The Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace". (They also have a blog you can follow.) Not only does it have great art pieces inside and is eco friendly, but it has several small studios outside around a pond/wetland and many creative outdoor art objects.

 I love the building and of course the peace symbol located right in front.

 Here is a creative birdhouse that would house quite a few birds.

 Bob standing in front of one of the studios.

 An interesting creature walking up from the pond.

 If I had a pond I would have purchased this fish with the water coming out of his mouth.

 There is a small creek coming out of the pond and it cascades down some rocks falling into this hand that is filled now with coins.

 Another studio on the other side of the pond.  Wouldn't that be the place to get inspired!

Here is Mr. Turtle enjoying the weather and the view.

Now it is back to my studio with a renewed creative spirit!


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

The flying pig is my favorite place. What a fun day,

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like a nice way to spend the day and what a fun gallery area. We have a place called the flying pig too, it sells antiques and local products from artists.


Mary said...

I was just in Algoma in late July, visiting my parents, and saw this place, but did not stop. Wish I was there now to see the leaves change color. I really miss Wisconsin!

Libby Fife said...

Always worthwhile to take a break! The weather looks so beautiful now too-shouldn't miss that!

frannie said...

Thanks for the tour...what a cool place. Algoma is also the name of aa area in Northern Ontario where the Group of Seven painters got their inspiration.

Susan Turney said...

What a fun spot. I'm so glad you took a break! Take lots of them and enjoy...I'm in no hurry although so excited! I don't want you to not do things to get it done!!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Glad you all enjoyed this post. It is a great spot no doubt!

Mary, where in Wisconsin are you from?

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