Aug 6, 2011


My new best friend!
Well I  have finally succumbed to purchasing a smart phone.
It is called a "Droid".  So not me but it has made my life so much better.
I now sit on my front porch and read emails, facebook and blogs.
I can actually keep up for the first time in a long time.  
I have to say....I like it.


WoolenSails said...

I dropped my cell phone, couldn't even figure that out, lol. I am of the mind, a phone is a phone and a computer is a computer, put them together and I get lost;) I like the idea of an ipad though, that would be fun and easier to use for basics than a lap top.


Debra Dixon said...

Good luck with your Droid. I haven't taken the time to learn my IPhone.

Rian said...

Fun fun fun. I was going to get one for my birthday but chose an elliptical trainer instead.

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