Jul 7, 2011

Back to Business

 Now that the wedding is behind us and I am caught up around the house and garden, I am able to get back to work in my studio.  I have several projects started and I want to get them completed before moving on to a larger piece.   This one above is one of them.  I call it Camouflage.    I am happy with it
so far.
Remember this one?  Well I am still having mixed feeling about it.  I want the bee to look closer to the viewer than the bird and flower but I am not totally sold on keeping the bird in the same colors as the bee and just the whole appearance of the bird.  So I stopped working on it and now I am back 
relooking at it.  Sort of floundering on this one.


Marie said...

Barb - the wedding was lovely. Thanks for inviting us.

Try looking at it without the bird. It takes on a new look then and the perspective changes entirely.

Hugs - Marie

WoolenSails said...

I love your new pieces. The thing that is throwing me off on the bird, is the dark areas? Maybe because something on top would have more light on it? I think the bird and the bee being the same size, throws me off having all the items in one area, the same size.

Like I know what I am talking about;)


Libby Fife said...

You have the best stash of fabrics ever! I love the goose piece of course and the second piece is coming along. How about if the bird was darker and cooler and the bee was smaller and brighter? I do like the idea of things so make it work:):):)

Rian said...

Both projects are terrific, I'm assuming they're fused? I see what you mean about the bee, what if you put a frame around the piece and had the bee's wing on the frame? That would bring him forward.

Judy Hartman said...

I just love your first piece, but also the second - for different reasons. I'm sure you'll work out the bee issue and end up with a really joyful, lovely hanging!

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