Jun 14, 2011

The Seven Year Iris

When we moved into our bungalow 7 years ago.  There were some old iris plants in the back yard where we were putting our deck addition.  So I dug them up and replanted them.
Every year they came up fine but would not bloom.   My elderly neighbor had some in her yard so I talked to her.  She said I had them too deep.  I needed to have them laying right on top the dirt.  So I dug them up and a little more each year but tried to keep their roots in the soil.  Still no blooms. 
Each year I tried to expose more and more of the bulbous tuber.  Still no blooms until this year!!!!
I had no idea what color they were until now...with two a flesh like pink and the other purple. 
I am so excited as it has been a constant challenge to get to this point.

1 comment:

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful flower. I must be doing something wrong, can't get the seeds to grow, wondering if the birds are eating them?


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