May 19, 2011

Not A Quilt

Well instead of quilting, I spent two days finishing this deck addition to put our grills in.
Molly and Mark (her fiance) came and Mark and Bob got most of it done with the exception of the railing.   So I was so grateful not to have to crawl under it to attach it to the original deck.  Then we finished it up.  It looks like nothing but it takes a long time with all the measuring and cutting of the wood and screwing things in.  Now it is set back and out of the way of grandkids running around while Grandpa is grilling food.

This weekend is my Garden/Tea Party Bridal shower for Molly, and I am happy to have it complete for that even though they are talking rain.  I am not listening to that though and going forward with everything!  No one trusts the weathermen. 


WoolenSails said...

The deck looks good. We have a large one, my husband had a friend help him build it, so we made lots of room for grills and people. I need to clean mine off and decorate it.

I am tired of rain, so no more rain;)


Marie said...

If we all waited for the weatherman, we'd be waiting a long time.

Hugs - Marie

Libby Fife said...

The deck looks super! I can't believe how nice the weather there looks and I just remember your last pictures of snow!

Good luck this weekend. The happy couple look pretty happy:)

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