Apr 21, 2011

A little hint & snow

Just so you know, I have been working on a piece.  Unfortuanately I can not show you the entire thing so here is a bit of a hint.  Now the quilting begins.

Early this week we had a snow storm.  This morning it is melting so I took a walk outside and here was this egg just sitting on the rail of the deck, abandoned or stolen, I am not sure.

My little mini daffodils appeared to be snuggled together trying to stay warm.

My crocus does not look at all happy!

But my regular sized daffodils are still standing and were not crushed. 
I hope this was winters last hoorah!


WoolenSails said...

The poor flowers look sad in all that snow. Way too late for snow, time to stop;) Your new piece looks intriguing. I have a piece to try with machine quilting, something simple to get used to sewing on the edge. Today I am making a mess with a border edge on a quickie table cloth.


Marie said...

Oh, hurry! This could be my favorite yet - don't I say that with every piece you do? But I really,really like the leaves - I'm wondering if you are going to leave any 3-D pieces of if they will be all sewn down - I know - Patience is a virtue.

Love it!!!!!

Hugs - Marie

frannie said...

The mysterious egg has me wondering-a gift from the Easter bunny?

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