Mar 9, 2011

Winter Snow

This was the view we woke up to this morning.  Seems the two inches we were supposed to get turned into six.  It is melting fast though as not the temperatures are going above freezing.  
This is March in Wisconsin.

Watson in the meantime has made the guest room his new snoozing place!
Yes, those are my two latest quilts.  Just can not part with them yet.

I have been given a new commission to do.  It is a single piece that is 50 inches on one side and around 36 on the other.
It is for someone who visits my blog so while I work on it I will not be able to post anything since she wants to be surprised.  I am very happy & honored to make this for her.


Quilt or Dye said...

We got freezing rain Monday night and then the temps stayed low so the trees were ice covered and shining in the sun all day yesterday and this morning. Spring in Maine.

Marie said...

I laughed at this - 'she wants to be surprised'. Just sounded funny! I love the quilt on the bed - very pretty and delicate.

Hugs - Marie

PS the snow scene would make a great Barb wall hanging.

Libby Fife said...

I would like to come and snuggle up with Watson in the guest room please! Can you make the snow go away first though? LOL!
Congratulations on the commision:)

Kay said...

We've got that snow this morning. Your newest quilts look lovely on the wall; there's a different feel when they're seen that way somehow.

Rian said...

That is a beautiful photograph of the snow on the tree limbs. And the quilt aint bad, neither.

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