Mar 26, 2011


 Fish Doodle
Bumble doodle
Ozzie asleep doodle
Tulip Doodle

While watching American Idol and trying to pick the top 10 in order of elimination (I am in a pool) I doodle.  Sometimes one of them works out and becomes something.  It makes me feel like
I am not totally wasting time.
Tomorrow I will show you which one is the one.


WoolenSails said...

I am thinking, the fish. I want to do one with a mermaid, just need to do some doodling myself. Unfortunately my machine decided to stop running, so she had to go to the shop today. I was going to do a simple piece to practice my machine applique on.


Libby Fife said...

Well, I just LOVE seeing your doodles. Truly. I see too that you picked the bee. You made him look so soft and lovely. Not a big fan of bees but this little guy is pretty cute:)

frannie said...

Your doodles are most charming...I really like Ozzie asleep.

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