Feb 8, 2011

It Is All So Good

My 86 year old mother came to our house to watch the superbowl.  She wore her Woodson
jersey!   Here is my DH Bob with her.  He gave his shirt to me for the day.

My Mom and Me Celebrating Victory!
You just have to understand us Packer Fans!
(Notice Ozzie just having to peek into the picture!)

Back in the Studio I continue to work on my Canadian on the Rocks and have finished the background quilting.
I am also challenging myself to make one small quilt a month along with my sister, Bonnie.
So here is the quilting on that one.  My secondary challenge is to include a new free motion quilting design that I have never done before on each of the quilts.  So here is the first one. 
Not bad...a little tricky but I had fun doing it.


WoolenSails said...

I need to challenge myself more and small quilts and free motion is a fun way to do that.


Cindy said...

Beautiful quilting design! That's a great challenge idea to get yourself outside your comfort level and try something new. I'll have to try it.

Rian said...

Ozzy needs a jersey too. Or at least a little cheese head. I like that FMQ design a lot.

VivJM said...

I'm from the UK and know nothing about the Superbowl but I am LOVING your quilting on this ;-)

Joyce said...

I really need to move beyond meander and loop quilting. I always say I will on the next one but then get impatient and go for the same old same old again.
Your Canadian on the Rocks is looking good.

Marie said...

I have taken two free motion quilting classes but am not confident enough to try it. Yours looks great.

Hugs - Marie

Libby Fife said...

Your Mom and Bob look so cute! And you, young lady. Was that your glass of wine???

I loved Rian's comment about Ozzie needing a cheese head. Do you think he would stand for that?

Canadian on the Rocks looks good!

Cameron said...

Great to see you mother looking so good. I just got back from my mother's 89. Hugs

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