Jan 5, 2011


Who would have thought that I would be working on two quilts that I can not show on my blog. 
The finch quilt is being quilted and quilted and threads buried and buried.   

The It piece has a posting date for me of Jan. 13th so it will not be long.

I can show you these though.  The cutest cookies in the world.  
Who cares if the Holidays are over...these are just winter cookies for your kids and grandkids to enjoy!
(Or maybe I should say January Thaw or Spring since there is definitely a melt down going on.) 

Recipe found here:
Snowman cookies


WoolenSails said...

Those cookies are so cute, what a fun idea for the kids. Can't wait to see your secret projects.


Sarah Payne said...

super cute! there is always time for snowmen, even when Christmas is over!

Linda Dunn said...

What a hoot! Next storm, I'm making these.

Marie said...

Those are the cutest cookies ever. I can hardly wait to see your new quilts.

Hugs - Marie

Libby Fife said...

You are like Secret Squirrel, only with quilts!

Those look like great cookies. I am surprised you were able to show them before they must have gotten eaten quickly!

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