Jan 22, 2011

New Beginnings

It is time to start something new.  So to continue with my Canadian Goose series I sketched out another one in full feathers.   My plan is to individual feathers on this one and do some detailed quilting on them.
I have my background fabric chosen "I think" and put a bit of a scene in it just to get some sort of perspective with my goose.

I hope to work on it during the next few days and make some progress.  However I will have to take a bit of time off to watch the Packers BEAT the Bears!!!


WoolenSails said...

Love what you are using for the background.
I did feathers once, with wool, came out thick and puffy.


Mary said...

Looking forward to seeing the next steps. No doubt it will be great!

Em said...

I love the sneak peek of this next beauty!!

Eva said...

Very promising. More so if I think of your flying goose.

Cameron said...

Love your geese. You have a special touch when it comes to wild birds, or birds or any kind. This will be another special one.
Switching to your shop, let me know if you ever come across china by Rosenthal, "Vienna Continental." I am looking for the coffee pot and creamer. I'll send a picture via email. Love and hugs

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