Jan 20, 2011

Guild block

Each year my guild has a block contest.  You can do applique or piecing and that includes fusing.
Then the following year the blocks are made into something and raffled off.
So here is the block (10 12" X 10 1/2 ") that I made.   The fabric we had to use is the beige bottom fabric...I lucked out and had the grey version in my stash!  So it worked out great!

I have been sick with a bad head cold for a week.  Now I am better although not 100% yet.  
I did have to get back in my studio and finally could finish quilting my Gouldian piece.

Here is a detail shot of one of the birds.  I am pretty happy with the quilting and once I decide if I am going to enter it in a show and what there requirements are, I can not show you much more.    Some shows insist that piece not be shown anywhere.


Em said...

Spectacular peek at the bird, love the quilting!!!!!!!!! I sense such peace with the snowy guild block and hope that you continue to feel better. Em

WoolenSails said...

Love how that material looks like snow. I look forward to seeing what your guild makes. The bird stitching is gorgeous.


Terri Stegmiller said...

The block you made for the guild contest is so wonderful. It really gives a sense of snow falling. I can't wait to one day see your Gouldian piece in its entirety.

Libby Fife said...

That block wins hands down! It makes me almost want to live in a snowy place!

Good luck with the Gouldians. They are coming along nicely:)

Hey-don't forget to check out my Bad Art Evry Day button:)

Cameron said...

Fantastic as always Barb. Haven't talked to you for a while. Time is going way too fast. Love and hugs

frannie said...

Beautiful choice of fabric for the block and vibrant colours for the bird. Lovely.

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