Dec 1, 2010

December's "IT" photo

It is my month to send in a selection of Photos for "IT".  Out of the group sent this is the one they chose.
Here is it's story:
The city of Plymouth, where I live was first settled by native americans because of the river running through the middle of town.  The river used to be called Ta Quit Qui Oc or crooked river.  Somewhere along the way it was changed to the Mullet River (not near as colorful). 
If you are interested you can go here for more information:
Ta Quit Qui Oc

I go down to the rivers edge on the north side of town a lot because it is where the Canadian Geese are usually gathering in abundance.  I was there in early fall to photograph them when I decided to take this shot of the shoreline.  I love the reeds and plantlife that you can find there.

I am excited to see what our group does with this photo of mine. 


WoolenSails said...

That is a nice one for the group, simple enough for anyone to do and open to interpretation.


Marie said...

Very good choice - I love the play of greens and the touch of yellow for a focus. I can hardly wait to see what you do with it.

Hugs - Marie

Pat Bishop said...

I wouldn't think to compose this picture, but I like it and think it will be a great inspiration. Makes me want to play too, but I've got a few deadlines to deal with.

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