Oct 26, 2010

Fonte de Sulfer

"Fonte de Sulfer"

Here is my interpretation of this month's  photograph of a fountain in New York.  After reading about the fountain I learned that it has a high sulpher content and actually smells so I labeled this one Fountain of Sulpher.  
You can read more about it & see other interpretations by going to the blog

"Garden Explosion"
I finished this quilt this weekend hopefully you remember it from a few months ago.   It is possibly sold so I needed to get it finished so the buyer can see it in person and decide if they still want it.    (I apologize for my shadow in the photo).

I chose to quilt it with diagonal line going across the quilt surface at different angles crossing over one another.

The center had the heaviest quilting.  It kept the explosive quality going in the piece.

Then I fused multi colored fabrics and cut circles out of them.  I finger pressed them and overlapped them around the border for my binding.
After that was finished I quilted the scalloped edge made by the circles.

Now I hope to get back to my Gouldian Finches.


WoolenSails said...

Love your new pieces.
I noticed you said the piece was thick and I have had that problem with quilting around wool appliques. I did see a statement about raising the foot for free motion, so need to try that next time.


Em said...

Such beauty!!!!! What a wonderful addition to my morning.

Eva said...

The Fountain of Sulpher is a lovely piece! I very much appreciate the movie-like interpretation. It was a clever idea to split the picture up into scenes, giving them a kind of time motion. And the dark fabrics of the edge (which contribute a lot to the movie association) are obviously hiding some secrets from deep below the ground.

Unknown said...

like the idea of splitting the IT into sections. And the Garden Explosion is wonderful! I especially love the border work!

Nellie's Needles said...

Your fountain piece is growing on me. I like the frame segments.

The garden one is certainly an explosion of riotous blooms and colors. Wonderful!

Marie said...

I think the quilting style finished the garden piece. You could not have chosen better in my humble opinion. Love it!

Hugs - Marie

Joyce said...

Garden Explosion is fantastic! I love the border treatment and you chose the perfect quilting. Love it.

Libby Fife said...

I hope your sale goes through. That piece is really dynamic and pretty too so a great combo.

It hit me yesterday that your long IT! piece reminds me of the tree pieces at the exhibit you went to this summer. I really like that longer, skinny format.

Kay said...

I love your binding idea!

Cameron said...

I really like your interpretation of the fountain, very imaginative.
I have a new blog address now. Instead of cameronscreations in the address, insert cameronsthreads. The other was used too much.
Love and hugs

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