Oct 6, 2010

Airport Mural

It has been one of those couple of weeks.  I will not bore you all with the details but it meant not a lot of quilting was accomplished.  However, I did go down to the Milwaukee Airport to pickup my sister who came home for a visit from Kalama Washington.    My other sister Bonnie went with me and I was glad since the plane was late.  We went to the bookstore and then to the coffeeshop.  On the way there are two huge murals under glass all done in beads.  They are so whimsical and fun to look at.

To add to the pleasure of looking at these is the fact they were made by area school children.  
I love the freedom that children have in their art. 

To celebrate my sister's visit, we (my 4 sisters & 2 SIL's & Mom) are having a "girls night in" due to my mother's recently broken foot.   The theme is "Crones".  Now take into consideration the new definition of crone:   The Crone. The woman who has constant access to a depth of practical wisdom younger women haven’t had time to develop.
:) That's me!
We are breaking up into two teams.  One pre-menopausal and one post-menopausal. 
Then we have to buy "stuff" at Goodwill to create our version of a crone doll.  Then our mother will chose the winner.
Each of us are also bringing crone appetizers to the party.  I made mine this morning.
So I am waiting to get out of work and then I will catch up to the rest at goodwill for our shopping spree before heading to my mother's.
I am bringing my camera !


Joyce said...

Love those murals. I saw one in a nearby shopping center that was similar but a huge pair of scissors. It was done with beads and bits of glass and mirror,also by students. Unfortunately I was not as smart as you and left my camera at home.

WoolenSails said...

Those murals are so beautiful and yes, children are so much freer in their art. I cannot wait to see photos of your night, that sounds like so much fun.


Libby Fife said...

Fantastic murals!

The Crones-pre and post menopausal. Just gotta love that.

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