Sep 1, 2010

September's Interpretation Photo

This is a gate in Indonesia.
It is our photo to interpret for the month of September!

Unbelievably I got up early this morning to get ready to go to our art gallery, with my sister, before going to work.   They had a new show titled "Doors" featuring the art of the members of The League of Milwaukee Artists.
Now how fitting was that!


Eva said...

Very challenging.
The photo may explain the situation, but when it is transferred into any kind of artwork, it will look 3D, as if the dark fence bars were behind the row of the light ones.

Cameron said...

Barb,I think that to make it interesting it will have to become more symbolic, or exaggerated in size and color. It's just to blah as it is. You can do it. It would be a real challenge for me. Let us see your progress as you go. Love

Libby Fife said...

Glad you are enthusiastic about the photo. It is going to be a toughie:)

Hope the art show was interesting too.

WoolenSails said...

Another challenge photo, but I know you will make something beautiful from it.


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