Sep 30, 2010

In a Blue Mood

Winston is still not his self.  I have until tomorrow and then I will call the vet again and see if there is something else that will snap him  out of this.  So in keeping with my blue mood I decided to paint my kitchen from gold to blue!
 The I took down the quilt and replaced it with "Cobs".  Looks great against the blue.

Today was the reveal for me for "Intrepret This!"
This was the picture we had to interpret.
Here is my interpretation:

"Don't Fence Me In"

I thought about this photo and listened to some of my fellow members of "IT!" comment on the lack of color in it.  So I began to think of the birds that are native to Indonesia who would come and open the gate releasing the color that is beyond it.  I chose the Bluebird of Paradise to do that.  Then I added 
yarn to his tail which is a puff ball of feather.  In addition to making my birds "sewing birds and quilters" I embellished each of them with a sewing item. 
The Maleo Bird
The dwarf heron
The blue bird of paradise
The dwarf kingfisher
and the Cassowary
 The color is exploding out of the open gate flooding the black and white foreground.
Shadows were added with Shiva paint sticks.
It is machine quilted.

One failure of this piece is I should have brought more black and white into the piece from the sides.
I know that it is not noticable enough and perhaps if I also made the binding on each side panel black would have helped. 

I chose to make this a triptych because of the obvious three sections in the photo.
I hope you see the fun and humor in this was fun to work on.


Eva said...

Oh this is wonderful! What a whimsical idea to let the birds carry your sewing equipment! I never thought that so much can be achieved when I saw the photo.

WoolenSails said...

I love it and how you made it into your own story with the sewing theme, it is wonderful!


Cameron said...

Barb, Stop being so critical about what you did. It is fantastic exactly as it is. I love it. You have made it magical with your great imagination, and your story is the icing.
Many hugs, Cameron

Libby Fife said...

Hey, when did those birds acquire those sewing notions?:)

Sorry about Winston-certainly longer than I would expect but maybe the viral meds will help out. Keep us posted.

The kitchen looks great-I love how you just painted it. That would have been a major discussion at our house.

Joyce said...

I love your interpretation. The birds are so cute with the sewing notions. I like the idea of a tripytch too.

Debra Dixon said...

I would certainly pick blue over gold any ole day!

Your piece is just so whimsical and cool!

Kay said...

Both the kitchen and the quilt look wonderful. Like Libby, I'm amazed that you did it so quickly. A big job!

frannie said...

Such fantasy beyond the gate; your imagination is boundless.

Did you know that blue walls inhibit the appetite?

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