Aug 12, 2010

Ponytail Days

When things get crazy, I have not time to do much with hair and makeup so I call these days "Ponytail Days!"  Here I am at work trying to finish up all the accounting with our insurance company for loss of income due to the water damage and the days the store was closed back in January!  It is the final thing to finally close our file!   

In the meantime, I finished the quilting on my "IT" piece this morning!  Hoorah!
Now I just need to do the finish work of binding sleeve and label. 

I also am checking and rechecking my "Cobs" quilt for any loose threads or cat hair or other 
problems before packing it up and sending it to Quilt Expo.

My design wall has this fabric on it.
What do you think?

No....I am not putting all this together on one quilt.

I am just staring at it to see if 
something comes to mind.

It is beautiful though!
I had to go to our local quilt store and in the process of looking at thread I saw this pile of batiks and before I knew what happened I came home with these.  

Can not wait to use them.


Marie said...

The batiks are beautiful (even all together). I love them.

WoolenSails said...

I am seldom seen without a ponytail, lol.
I find it easier than having a hair cut that I have to fuss with;)

Those batiks are gorgeous and I know you will make something beautiful with them.


Libby Fife said...

I love that the batiks must have just jumped into your basket! All together like that it looks like a stained glass window.

If only I had enough hair for a ponytail!

Joyce said...

I love those batiks! They'd pop into my basket too.
The good thing about retirement is that every day is pony tail or worse day. Some days are even uncombed altogether.

Anonymous said...

They are gorgeous! You will do something beautiful with them.

Cameron said...

Barb, You won a lace dress,and now I need to know your address. Also, I will give you a choice of black, pink, or white. Are you going to take it apart or wear it? I have several choices, since you get to choose from 3 choices.
I will package it and get it off early next week. Let me hear please and feel free to ask questions. Hugs

Quilt or Dye said...

Ooooh, I would love to see a bigger piece of that black one.

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