Aug 20, 2010


I was dusting this morning.  Never can figure out why there is dust following me everywhere!
So I decided to take photos of some of the unusual items in the house.  This is Amy and Jo, my two antique dolls in an antique stroller.  They sit in the landing of the upstairs of our house.  Love the glasses on Jo.  They are named after the characters in Little Women.

Here is the living room with one of my quilts (Sunflower & vases) on the wall.  Under the table is a new basket I just got and keep my magazines in it.

Bob and I love old advertising clocks and have several in the house including these two in the kitchen.

This is my favorite clock.  It is on my desk in the corner of the living room.  Hanging beside it is my
quilt "The Intruder".    I just love this woman leaning against this book thinking.

So now you know why I am not quilting right now and having to dust dust dust!  It is no easy job.
But wait........

I did find just a few minutes to begin quilting my newest quilt.
There is always time for quilting.


Kay said...

Lovely! Definitely the house of an antique dealer! I love the way you have your contemporary quilts mixed in.

Funny, I grew up in a house full of antiques and have almost none--dusting is one reason.

Terry Grant said...

Your treasures are wonderful! I think the person who invents the "self-dusting house" will make (and deserve) millions!

Beverly said...

I like the name on that second kitchen clock!!

I don't have antiques either, and didn't grow up with them- but I like the ambiance they add to your home. Thanks for the look.

WoolenSails said...

Beautiful home and decorations.
My problem is cat and dog hair, it seems to float around and land on everything.

I see you use a pfaff too. I could not get my serger to work today, so I used my pfaff to do a hem stitch on my rug linen and she serves as a work horse too;)


Kate said...

Hi, my mum and dad had more clocks than they had time to look at them!!! I love clocks and watches too. None of any value but I always have someone comment on the watch I am wearing. My favourite watch is the lovely old "Waltham" I inherited from my dad. It's priceless to me!
Kindest regards
Shetland isles

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