Apr 15, 2010

Self Portrait

The Seasons Of My Life - A Self Portrait
37 inches X 27 inches

This is my catchup piece for the "Interpret This" Blog.  I was busy doing a commission and missed the first month (Jan.) so was allowed to catchup with the others this month and post today.
I have a detailed description of my thoughts on the Interpret This blog so please go there
to read all the details if you are interested in my thought process.

I enjoyed making this piece and had fun with it.
Here is the photo that was my inspiration.  I live  right by the Kettle Moraine State forest and
love to hike  there  when time allows.
I pieced the background first, sandwiched it and quilted it using different designs in each strip.

I added the top elements and quilted them.
I chose to portray myself as I feel I still am but added details to "give me away".
The bifocal glass in the pocket, the grey hairs defeating the "Nice and Easy" and the scarf wrapped around my neck, covering the beginnings of turkey neck!

Then I wanted to portray myself as having traveled through the season of my life, birth, spring, summer bringing me to Fall.  The figures of my past are done in tulle.  
The leaves & trees came last symbolizing both blocks in the road of life (trees) and good things that I have accomplished and left behind.  A two colored fused binding was last.


Terri Stegmiller said...

This is wonderful!

Marie said...

OMG - that's what you used the black and white for. IT'S FANTASTIC. I love it. Thank you for sharing.


Rian said...

Lovvit! Especially that transparency. Great piece!

Unknown said...

The way you've pieced the background is very effective. Nice!

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