Mar 15, 2010

Sunny and Begining to look like Spring!

Oh the weather was so much better again this weekend.
No more fog finally and all the snow is gone even on the curbs.
We got our spa opened and going.  I went in this morning and
just layed back and watched the Canadian geese fly by
and listened to birds singing.  Heavenly!

Of course there is lots of work to do in the yard, but I think I will wait a bit longer since it is pretty wet and muddy right now.
Had a lot of damage this year from all that heavy snow.  We lost a cedar in the far back yard,   It is alive but all the branches are broken and what is left of it is not worth saving.  So that will have to be taken out along with several broken branches in the
trees in our yard, luckily nothing major.

We assembled our new patio set and put the cushions on.  It is so comfy and it was tempting not to eat out there.
I took the umbrella off after we took this photo because it really is too early for that!

Ozzie was happy to be outside and part of the action as usual.  He is always right with us no matter what we do.


Barley prefers sitting on top of the spa cover in the sun.

1 comment:

Libby Fife said...

I think Ozzie and Barley are way smart! They know where to go to get warm:) Glad things seem to be perking up!

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