Mar 28, 2010

Black Eyed Susans

"Black Eyed Susans"
24 1/2 in. X 17" 
Raw Edged Fused Applique
Embroidery Perse
Oil Pastels 
Couched Yarn Binding

When I saw the photo I received for interpretation this month I immediate focused on the black glamorous eyes.

I selected a group of three dolls rather than work with the entire photo.

I sketched them with basic lines.

After making this layout I chose fabrics.  My background fabric looked to me like flowing hair.
I sandwiched and quilted these layers first using lines following the lines in the fabric.

Then I began constructing and fusing on the faces.
I used pigma pen for the lashes and brows.
I used Oil Pastels for the cheeks.

I added some embroidery perse flowers & leaves to the background and hand made stems.
Then I quilted it.
Once this was finished I added my beading and finished with couched (hair-like) yarn for the

I enjoyed this challenge!  I would love any critiques you may have.


Linda Zimmerman said...

This is fabulous!!

Pat Bishop said...

Love it Barbara,
Very unusual and striking, really grabs your attention!

Joyce said...

Love it and the title is perfect!

Marie said...

This is fantastic. I am really impressed. Thank you for sharing and showing us what it can be like.


Unknown said...

Great image and title. NIce binding, too. I crocheted a binding for a small quilt recently, really like the contrast of the fuzzy fiber with the smooth fabric.

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