Mar 31, 2010

A Bit of This & A Bit of That

Well as you can see....somebody around here is getting some rest!

Mark & Molly

We had some big news this past weekend.  Our daughter Molly and her boyfriend Mark
got engaged!  We are so very happy for them and they want an early summer wedding in 2011
so the fun will begin now! 

A week ago we had the new roof put on our antique shop building.  That meant that finally they could begin the work on the inside.   So Monday they put in the new carpet and ceiling and Tuesday they put all the display cases back in place.  Now today I will start refilling them with the 135 boxes of inventory that was packed up when we had the roof leak.  A huge job but the good news is the insurance covers them bringing the boxes up from downstairs, cleaning all the glass cases and unpacking the inventory and placing it back in the case if we want them too.  I will have to rearrange and display it after but it is a huge help.  So that will be what I do today and tomorrow down there.

Here at home all is well with the new member of the family as you can see from the above picture.
I decided to try quilting on my black and white background to see what he will do.  He seemed totally disinterested and did not disturb anything while I worked.  I know that may change and some "training"  
may be called for, but he has already learned to not walk across the keyboard while I am typing and chase my fingers.  He is smart and learns fast.

I am still having a problem with one aspect of my black and white quilt.  One attempt turned out pretty good on my test piece but I am still thinking I may get better results using somthing else.  So that is still ongoing.  


Marie said...

Congratulations to you and your family. I am anxious to see how you finish your black and white. I'm waiting PATIENTLY (LOL) to see the surprise finish.


Joyce said...

Congratulations. How nice to get a new family member!
Good luck with the re-organizing.

Libby Fife said...

Good news all the way round!

winston and Ozzie look super cute together. I assume that is Ozzie and not your other doggie?

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