Jan 15, 2010

Seabirds & Cattails

Seabirds & Cattails - No. 34

I just finished quilting "Seabirds & Cattails" my 34th quilt in my Commission.
One more quilt to make and it is complete!

I had an interruption this week when my husband came down with what we thought was the a stomach virus Saturday. So I went to our store and worked, leaving him home to rest and get better. That did not happen. Instead he got worse on Sunday. So early Monday morning it was off to the doctor who immediately sent him to the hospital. He had an infection that had his white blood count twice as high as it is supposed to be.

After lots of antibiotics, pain injections, etc. etc. He slowly got better and I brought him home yesterday. In the meantime we are in a thaw and I was worried about our still unresolved roof at our antique store. So after settling him at home I drove down there and walked in only to find a dry floor where it had leaked a few weeks ago. Suddenly I could here dripping.
Now it was leaking in Bob's workshop room in the store. So I called our insurance agent and began mopping, moving stuff out of the way, and grabbing any container in the store to collect water.

Four hours later......it is cleaned up, the roof is shoveled and the insurance agent and cleanup crew is leaving. I am thinking of the expression "When it rains it pours." and in my case it is oh so true.
So we need to stay closed today and I took the opportunity to finish no. 34.

Question: should I add eyes to the birds or not? I have small black crystals I had planned to add but now I am not sure. Let me know your opinion.

Hopefully nothing else will happen and I can complete my last quilt next week.


Unknown said...

I hope your husband makes a speedy recovery and that you will not have to much damage form the leak.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I wouldn't add eyes to the birds. They are rather abstract now and that would be adding realistic to the mix.

I hope your roof troubles get resolved quickly and that your hubby gets well quickly too.

Nellie's Needles said...

Golly, when it rains it pours! It's good that your husband is recovering and that leak was caught early on. But, oh, that either had to happen at all.

I agree with your decision to not give eyes to the birds.

Last one coming up. Woo Hoo!

Beena said...

I hope your husband is feeling much better, and that you get your roof problem straightened out. So far, my January has been one thing after another, too, so I sympathize.

Love this latest piece. I love sparkly, shiny things as long as done in moderation, so I would like the little black crystals. The perfect finishing touch!

Joyce said...

Sorry to hear about all your problems and hopefully all will be well very soon.
I like the birds a lot as they are but it depends on whether you are going for an abstract look or more realism.

Debra Dixon said...

Nothing that a strong woman can't handle! But, really!

frannie said...

Here's to the end of your current woes and on to the final quilt!And since you asked, I'd say no to the eyes for this one. Keep the sparklies for something new and different.

WoolenSails said...

I hope your husband feels better soon and yes, things seem to come, all at once.

I think the black beads would give character and dimension to the piece. But, it may be too much with the abstract birds. I would lay it flat and put the beads on and stand back, then without and see what looks pleasing to you.


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

First and foremost.....a huge thank you for all your well wishes for my husband, Bob. He is home and doing fair but still has some issues which may mean postponing our vacation. No
problem for me doing that as I have plenty to do.

I have decided to omit the eyes. I love the softness of this piece and
the crystals just took it someplace it did not need to go.

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