Jan 29, 2010


I thought it would be nice to know from everyone out there what publications they most enjoy and feel really help them grow as quilt artists.

My favorites right now are:

Quilting Arts
SAQA Journal (have to be a member)
Machine Quilting Unlimited
American Quilter
American Art Review

Which ones do you feel are most worthwhile?


Beverly said...

I still get Quilting Arts, although I wish they would focus less on specific projects and more on skills I can put to work in my own style. I rarely buy American Quilter or Quilter's Newsletter. I just got a subscription to Machine Quilting Unlimited- they seem to be moving in a direction I like.

As for other resources, I try to expose myself to all the art material I can- not just fiber art. Mostly books, sometimes the occasional magazine.

Terri Stegmiller said...

I thought American Quilter changed and you didn't have to be a member to buy it. If my memory is right, I've seen it for sale at my local Barnes & Noble.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I stand corrected and have changed that on my post. It is for sale now to the general public. Thanks Terri.

I too think it is important to expose yourself to all art and try to make regular visits to our two galleries and am constantly aware of everything around me.

Quilt or Dye said...

I like Quilting Arts. I used to get other quilting magazines but I prefer the range of techniques in Quilting Arts. I don't need another instruction on how to make a quick quilt in a day.

I also get Cloth, Paper, Scissors from the same company.

Nellie's Needles said...

I've more or less given up quilting publications. It's not that I don't look through one when it's around, it's that I don't subscribe anymore. The one magazine I do get is "Fiber Arts" and that's mainly because I've been doing so since their first issue.

The internet is my biggest connection for exposure to other people's work. I either see and read about it on their blog or website. There are technique tutorials galore that can be "googled".

One of my favorite online sources is Robert Genn's newsletters. A variety of subjects and concerns for all artists are covered well and often.

As was mentioned, being exposed to art and artists in other mediums is a big plus.

Debra Dixon said...

I don't subscribe to any magazines but will occasionally buy one at the newsstand.

I have found that I work better and more true to myself when I don't have magazines about other artists and how they work around me; tends to bring out the "comparison monster" and I don't need to feed that guy.

I generally stay off websites for the same reason. The blogs I visit are really more for friendship than for artistic interests.

Unknown said...

I read Quilting Arts. Glad it does not focus on the how toos. Robert Genn is always a good one. Fiber arts too. Then I wander into the Borders book store and pile up the art magazines..bad I know, I cannot afford them all! I read or browse through American Artist and any other art ones that are there.If there is something of particular interest then I will buy it to pour over it at home. As always I am drawn to art of all kinds everywhere. Sometimes I find it in a childs drawing or in the graffitti that I see now and again. I find it helps to always be open to different areas of art.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I am finding this interesting. It has raised the question of how much looking at other art influences you and your personal work and can it be harmful?

Thought provoking.

Kay said...

I posted earlier and deleted because it sounded negative, but I see others are on the same wavelength. I don't like any of these magazines, although I still find about one good article per month in Quilters Newsletter. I actually like Architectural Digest a lot--beautiful design of all sorts, very inspiring. In general, I guess I think that it's better not to read quilting magazines except for technique.

Margaret Cooter said...

For me, the magazines are part of my reference library - I revisit them after several years and either find new stuff in them or else still like what was originally of interest. I turn down the corner of the page when there's something really interesting.
The library consists of Fiberarts, Surface Design, some old (early 90s) issues of Piecework and Ornament, and recently Crafts magazine, a UK publication. Increasingly I find that non-quilting sources are of more interest and "use" than quilts themselves ... but it's going out on a bit of a limb to say that!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

I agree with Nellie that you can find so much on the internet now including tutorials on You Tube but.....for me there is nothing like being able to pop a magazine into my purse and have it for times I am sitting in waiting rooms, staying overnite somewhere and things like that.

I also like to curl up in my favorite chair with a cup of tea rather than sit in front of a computer screen in the evening.

I do feel they are all worthwhile in some way for me. Even the ads.

Rian said...

I don't subscribe to any. I used to get Quilting Arts, but I have piles and piles of them stacked up that I never had time to read, so I quit them. I do miss the ads. I'd have to say Hancock's of Paducah's catalog is about all I need.

WoolenSails said...

I love quilting arts, but most of the magazines I read, are from thrifts, so it depends what I can find.


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