Sep 15, 2009

Still Working Hard

I hope to have some photos of some of my newest quilts for you soon. I miss my daily posts and keeping in touch with everyone and what they are doing. Hopefully I will find some time soon.
The commission is causing me to work pretty much 10 hours a day. It is difficult to find anytime to post or to read what all of you have been up to. Hopefully I will be able to catch up soon. I am having my computer hooked up in my studio this weekend and that will be a big help.
So have patience and hopefully I will be able to post a bit more often.

Quilt Expo was better than ever and I hope to show you come of the outstanding quilts that were there too.


Beena said...

I look forward to seeing some of your newer quilts!
And, wow! Ten hours a day! I'm lucky to get any quilting done in a day!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I am SO impressed with what you are doing.
Each one is fantastic and a true piece of art.

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