Sep 28, 2009

No. 11 - "On The Farm"

Just finished designing No. 11 "On The Farm". (The white line on the skirt is some sort of refection.) It is not quilted yet but layered and I hope to start as soon as I finish this post. More of an old-fashioned look to it in comparison to the modern mother in "The Chat" pictured below with added bassinet (also modern).
"The Chat" is fully quilted and ready for binding and pocket.

I am not one quilt ahead of my goal of 10 this month. That makes me more confident I
will get this project finished by my Dec. 1 deadline.


Eva said...

I like the posture of the mother in the one with the geese! And how cleverly you use the tree fabrik in the background. Could it be that the child's head is a little small? The structure of the tree trunk is so beautiful.

Debra Dixon said...

How many are you making?

These are just super! I know people will enjoy viewing them.

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