Jul 28, 2009

Writers Block?

I am back to quilting "Mulberry Bush" but wanted to begin another quilt while working on it again. I started the blue quilt background, but just was not inspired, so I put that on hold for a bit. Then I pulled these greens and auditioned them hoping for inspiration to come. Nothing.

I thought maybe if I threw in something bold....like purple.....nothing. The fabric was not speaking to me at all.

So I went to my Ideas folder where I stick things that I think I might use for a future quilt.
I found this:

This is a photo taken by Eva-Maria Nerling
When I first saw it I thought quilt. So I asked her permission to use it and she was
happy to give it to me. So this is where I am now heading.

Funny how somethings just wait for you to find them again.


Libby Fife said...

It happens, for sure! I think it is the cart/horse scenario. Fabric? Idea? Idea? Fabric? Which comes first? Good thing you have your folder!

Beena said...

Looks like you found another great quilt project!

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Well, I am moving forward instead of drifting so that is a good thing.


Debra Dixon said...

it's not like you haven't been doing anything lately. . .

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