Jul 17, 2009


More time this morning.....got up at 5:15 to "make" time!
I have been quilting the borders and then bringing part of the vines out into the body of the piece. I have made it around one corner.....lots more to do but at least I am moving forward.

Next week Bob and I are taking a "Staycation". We are not going anywhere far away but instead will just take day trips or perhaps an overnite during the week. I am just happy to have a break
from our antique business and maybe a bit more time to quilt as well.


Beena said...

I like the addition of the "squiggles"! It adds a subtle contrast to the straighter stems, and adds a nice burst of additional color.

Libby Fife said...

Those squiggles are a great addition. They make the piece seem really "lighthearted" and fit in well with the fabrics. Good choice!

Debra Dixon said...

spirited squiggles--good idea!

Next week I am going on a golf outing where my hubby plays golf and I go out somewhere and enjoy myself. I am looking forward to getting up when I want - not when the dog cries at the side of the bed to get me up!

Enjoy your Stacation!

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