Jul 10, 2009

Just What Was I Thinking?????

Thank you all for the words of encourangement, but as you can see....this is NOT good.
Now I am looking at it seeing if I just rip out the stitches over the pods if that would help.
Oh my! Just did not do what I thought it would.

Do you have these in your yard?

Well fill up a spray bottle with any flavor of this!
Spray on your deck, around the chair you are sitting on, or on your skin
and .....

They then turn into this!!!!


Unknown said...

Besos mandalicos♥

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I would just take a matching color fine point permanent marker and darken some of the lines on the flowers. I don't think the quilting is bad, just the light thread on dark flowers.

thanks about the hint for a repellent. I'll try that next time I'm going out to pull weeds.

Libby Fife said...

Gads! Those mosquitoes!

As for the quilting, try looking at it this way. Those are some free wheeling flowers being held down by strong forces but the strong forces won't get them-the flowers will prevail! Even that rogue one trying to get through the fence! It looks good, Barbara, and makes a strong statement even if that wasn't what you intended.

Beena said...

Yup....what Exhuberant Color just said. That would be my exact suggestion about the markers.

Or leave these as they are, make some more pods and stems with the stabilizing technique (as you did for the Canadian), and add them to this so it looks like these are in the background.

It's a work in progress...don't get discouraged.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

This may be a candidate to be put away from a few months andd revisited. upon revisiting you may decide it's just fine.

You also could do another layer of quilting on top of what you have done just in the area of the pods with a thread that matches more closely.

You coul also do it over some of the leaves, etc?

But try the time test first.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

All of you have been so helpful. Some absolutely great ideas. I am rethinking and I now believe it is not lost.
Thanks so much. I will keep you all posted.

Unknown said...

I like the strong lines of the quilting, just might tone down the color contrast as others have suggested. It happens sometimes when you’re taking chances!

Debra Dixon said...

Checking in here to see what happened and now I can see that the markers was a fabulous idea-one to keep in mind as an emergency remedy again. Good tip!

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