Jun 4, 2009

Heading in Too Many Directions?

Do you ever feel like you are heading in too many dire
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ctions at one time and you just need someone to tell you to go that-a-way?
(This guy sits on my window sill heading down to our lower level family room. He is an old old door closer used in a general store enticing people to come in. You gotta love him!)

While doing all this quilting I am auditioning fabrics for my next project. Here are some I am considering.

Quilting the Poppy Quilt now since I hope to finish it on time to enter into the Madison Wisconsin Quilt Expo. Deadline for entry to be postmarked with photos included, June 20th!

A bud......

This weekend is my mother's 85th Birthday Party. My entire family is coming which means about 50 people. My parents had 9 children. There are 30 some grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren so far. So it will be a big crowd. I have ordered a fabulous cake and we are keeping our fingers crossed for great weather. It still is chilly here but now today it is a bit warmer. Hope it is like this on Sunday. Everyone is bringing a dish and we want it to be outside at my Mom's. We will see how that goes.

Posted a new picture of me without my reading glasses on. Thought I should do that once a year since my hair is a bit longer and my mother did not like the one I had on here. You have to listen to your mother even when you are 61!


Kate said...

Hi, I just had to smile when you said you still have to listen to your mother, even when you're 61. Well, I'm 51 and sadly lost my mother in 2000. But without fail, when I'm doing little jobs in the home I can still hear her voice...eg, while making a sandwich.."Now make sure the butter goes right into the corners of the bread!!"
And when making the bed..."Make sure the mattress isn't right up against the headboard, otherwise the air can't circulate"!!!
It never fails to make me smile and remember my wonderful mum!!
I hope you have a memorable celebration with your family.
My kindest regards

Beena said...

Sounds like it will be a very fun birthday celebration with lots of family and love. I'll hope the weather cooperates for all of you!

I like your poppy quilt even more after seeing the quilting you are doing on it.

Love the old door closer. I feel like I have seen it before.

Nellie's Needles said...

Loooove that door stop!

My fingers will be crossed for good birthday weather on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. The"gallery" where the Sisters in Cloth are exhibiting isn't really a gallery at all. It is the gift shop area adjacent to the gallery. It underwent an "extreme makeover" last year with bright and cheerful colors--you can't really see how bright except for the orange wall. Perhaps surprisingly, the quilts show very well against all this color. Everyone is commenting about it.

Yes, I usually feel that I am all over the place. Your poppy is beautiful.

The WestCountryBuddha said...

Hope you manage to make your deadline as your poppy is absolutely wonderful - I really love it. You'll be a bit busy what with your mum's birthday celebrations and your deadline!

Libby Fife said...

Those fabrics for your next project are a bit of a departure for you-they look great-very modern looking if that makes sense.

Poppies look good and I have my fingers crossed for great weather for the birthday celebration.

Good pic also:)

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you all for the well wishes for good weather on Sunday. It is gorgeous out right now but guess what, Sunday....57 degrees and RAIN!
Wouldn't you know.

We will make the best of it. Luckily my Mom still lives in our family home and it is very large.

Back to quilting!

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