Jun 10, 2009

The Birthday Bash

My Mother (on the right) with my sisters, Vicki in green (who flew in from Washington State to surprise mom), Susie in pink and Diane in blue, on party day at Mom's.

My Mom and my brother Dave flying a birthday gift. My Mom has always loved Kites!

My Grandson, Max, Playing the Piano with my Mom in her living room.

The guys plus Molly, my daughter, huddling around a camp fire trying to stay warm.

Three of my nieces, Katie, Emma and Liz.

Mom seeing her Birthday Cake for the first time! She loved it and it tasted delicious!

Mom has always put the bows of the gifts she gets in her hair since I was little. She has not changed!

On Tuesday (her actual birthday) we girls took her out for the day. We started at the Kohler Art Center. Outside was this bronze birdbath that was just fantastic.

Inside the bowl were carrots and other vegetation!
We were not allowed to take photos in the gallery, however the mens and womens bathroooms were voted the top bathrooms in the country in 2004. Here is the Womens.

Each stall had ladies undies from all eras.

My sister Vicki standing against the tiled wall.

The mens Egypto bathroom! (Don't worry, a man stood guard while we checked it out.)

The Urinal. I do believe this is my first ever photograph of a urinal???!!!!

After the gallery we went to lunch at "Black Wolf Run" in Kohler Wisconsin. My brother, Dave is a chef there and he came out to make sure we were happy with our lunch. Then he sent out a special birthday dessert for Mom.

Having dessert.

Left the restaurant and toured a beautiful Austrian house built by the Kohler Family. Then we went to a beautiful nursery to buy Mom a birdbath. Hers had cracked.
After that it was out to Whistling Straits, the newest golf course in the area, to have a drink in the club house overlooking the course. It is right on Lake Michigan so you have a spectacular view of the course and lake.

Vicki and my sister Lori at Whistling Straits. It was a great celebration and I do believe my Mother was happy with it.


Nellie's Needles said...

Oh, what a FUN birthday celebration! All of you look so young ... especially the birthday girl ... 85?

The bathroom shots are a hoot! Thanks for all the photos.

Beena said...

Looks like an amazing family get together. Must've been so wonderful!

And I can't believe I'm saying this, but that urinal was gorgeous (laughing).

Kay said...

This looks like a wonderful celebration. Thanks for showing the pictures.

Libby Fife said...

What a wonderful day! Your mom looks fantastic! Those bathrooms? Wow!

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