Apr 2, 2009


A while back I posted a mandarin goby fish that was unbelievable. It was part of my daughter and her boyfriend's salt water tank. Now Mark has set up a new tank and is adding different varieties of coral in it. They are all babies yet but will multiply and grow fairly fast.
View Mark's blog here to watch the progress:


I am amazed at the types and the fabulous colors of coral! I guess I always just thought of coral as coral in color and the typical shape. There are so many types and shapes. Some have tentacles and flower like shapes. I thought you would enjoy seeing one
I just love (above). I am seeing a quilt in the near future!

I continue to quilt "Butterflies Are Free". This morning my sister, Bonnie, came over and
I gave her her birthday present, a bundle of challenging fabric to create something spectacular with. We talked about all aspects of quilting and how we can hardly wait for the 17th when we do our annual pilgrimage to Chicago and the International Quilt Festival. It is not long to wait now. She and I have quilted together for almost 27 years.


Vicky aka Stichr said...

are you sure that isn't a beaded creation?? that's what I thought when I saw it. this planet is sooooooo amazing!

Carmen Rose said...

Oh I agree, it looks beaded! Really lovely!

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