Mar 5, 2009

Urban Sprawl

While continuing quilting on "Red Barn" I am appliquing "Urban Sprawl". I have discovered working on two projects at one time works really well for me. I quilt until my eyes or body can not focus anymore and switch to the quilt on the design wall and do some additional work there.
This quilt means a lot to me. I was born in Plymouth Wisconsin, moved away for 17 years and then came back. I will not go into all that I was doing during that time. Now I have been back for 23 years and I watch how the countryside that I used to hike and live in has changed due to "urban sprawl" . Farms are surrounded by new subdivisions all over the area. We are now almost blending into the next community to the east of us. To top it off we now have a "super Walmart" like all towns seemed destined for no matter how hard they fight it (I personally fought it very hard here.) So this is my quilt showing the Poor camper on the other side of the woods trying to enjoy some peace and quiet before it is all gone.

The quilt is not finished but only part way there.


Libby Fife said...

Fantastic. Your results appear effortless.

We have a TON of urban sprawl here in California, an almost ridiculous amount. Good for you for making something to express the problem where you are.

frannie said...

Wow, a quilt with a message. I agree with you about the Wallmart factor and refuse to set foot in one or any of the big- box warehouses. Such an unpleasant experience and how much do we really save?

online quilting community said...

Good for you for making something to express the problem where you are.

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