Mar 13, 2009

Run Run Run!

Oh, this morning was a Marathon Race! Got up and cleaned bathrooms, dusted, made beds and then ran to the grocery store and Kmart for things I needed for the weekend in case my son, daughter in law and grandson come for a visit. Then off to work. This is when I soooo look forward to selling our business and building and moving on.

However, tomorrow morning I am leaving at 9am with my friend, Claudia, for Oshkosh. We will pick up my daughter Molly there and then head over to the museum to see the Exhibit "This Is Not Your Grandmother's Quilt".

Afterwards we will have a nice lunch and head back home so I can finish out the day here at the antique shop.

Perhaps they will allow photos and I will be able to share some with you early next week. Now I best get back to work.


Libby Fife said...

Thanks for that link Barbara. Always good to learn of something that I have might otherwise have not known about. Hope you get to take pictures:)

Kay said...

This sounds like a very interesting show. I also hope they allow pictures.

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