Mar 24, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

Saturday my son came with my grandson Max for an overnight. My poor daughter in law was sick with a bad cold so this gave her the opportunity to get some rest and Jon the chance to catch up seeing some old High School friends. We had a great time with Max. He loves his Elmo as you can see.

After they left on Sunday, Bob and I went out and started raking the dead leaves in the backyard garden. That is an awful job that seems to get harder each year. It would sprinkle here and there too. However, the results are
well worth it. The daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinths and tulips were all up! We did not get it finished until Monday morning. Bob also put up a post to hang our bird feeders on and poured concrete around the base to hold it in the ground. Once it sets up we will transfer all our bird feeders to it. Then we jumped in the car and went to the local Menards and got two chairs for on the deck along with new hardware for our kitchen.

This is our second project.

Here is my kitchen viewed from the eat-in side. We have white cabinets and a grey Laminate counter top. We are planning on replacing the counter with black speckly quartz. I am painting the cabinets over (still white) and putting on new hardware. I am putting on brushed nickel cup type pulls and plain knobs. In the photo if you look to the left of the stove you can see one of the new pulls on the top drawer. I plan on doing this job a little at a time, one section at a time. We will not have the counters, sink and new faucet and garbage disposal done for a while yet. Have to save up some money first. So I have time to paint slowly rather than all at once.

Needless to say....that was all that got done over the weekend (Sunday and Monday for us).
I did go up and work on "Urban Sprawl" yesterday late in the afternoon, but found out pretty quickly that I was just too tired to quilt. So, I made dinner and then became a couch potato watching Dancing With the Stars.

I had planned on some photos this morning of my flower beds but it is pouring rain and supposed to thunderstorm this afternoon. So that will have to wait.

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Libby Fife said...

The kitchen looks very welcoming. Nothing like a good "facelift" to freshen things up!

Have a good one:)

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