Mar 4, 2009

Here is a bad picture of some of the quilting being done on the "Red Barn".
I promise my next photo will be better.
The quilting is coming along. Just have not had the time to spend on it this week. But I will find time later in the week hopefully.

This is another fracture. Not much happening on the surface but I have been sketching some ideas and just need to make some decisions.

I am also sketching quilting designs for "Mulberry Bush". Want to plan those out before
beginning and I still want to try out a technique for quilting the girls on a sample piece before attacking the actual quilt.

I have hung all my quilts that I intend to sell in my upstairs room at my antique store. I call it "The Quilt Gallery".
I hope to take some photos of it today and will post them too. It was a much bigger job than I thought since I had to do the Price labels etc. But I think it turned out pretty well and we will soon see the customer reaction to it. I put plenty of signage up asking everyone to please not touch the quilts in any way shape or form, but I know that may not be enough for them to refrain from that temptation and it makes me nervous. But I will keep an eye out and hope for the best.

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