Feb 10, 2009

New Elements

I successfully made it through my babysitting weekend. Max seemed to enjoy himself and the weather cooperated by giving us warm enough temperatures to go for a walk in the stroller.
I sure do have a new appreciation to what all goes into raising children. I have forgotten how much energy it takes and how much little ones learn in short periods of time. It is truly amazing. Here is a picture of him showing his Belly Button.

Monday I cleaned up the house a bit and then had time to work on Mulberry Bush. I added some new elements.....Petticoats, kite and mouse. (The blonde is definitely more decent now.) There is still more to come but I am getting there. Then last nite I worked on my beading once again. I am finding that it is hard to stop. I keep finding areas I think need just a few more beads! No pictures until it is complete so you can be surprised . I am pretty happy on how it is turning out.


Libby Fife said...

I just love The Girls. I am happy too that Blondie lengthened her dress-modesty is a virtue after all:) wink! wink!

The new leaves and animal additions are wonderful too. Glad that you survived baby sitting. Your Little Man looks like he had a good time.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you Libby. I enjoyed myself with him.

I am happy with the girls. I left the circle open on the left side, inviting the viewer to enter into the fun. Do you think people will understand that?


Anonymous said...

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