Feb 26, 2009


"Leaves" is finished (well except for sewing on the pocket and label which are pinned on the back. I made this to hang in my very small bathroom. Our house was built in 1929 when there was no such thing as two bathrooms. So a previous owner incorporated a bathroom off the kitchen. If I had been here I would have put the door over by the steps which lead to the lower level rather than having it open into the main part of the kitchen, but unfortunately I was not and that was not done. I remind myself it is better than only having the one bathroom upstairs so quit complaining. The bathroom maybe measures 36 x 36! I am not kidding. It has a pedestal sink w/mirror and a toilet. Thats it. So now I can take down the print which people have bumped into, especially husky men like my Bob, and put this up instead.

I have decided to try putting my binding on backwards and blanket stitching it to the front. I like that idea. I used a variegated navy thread and feel it added just a bit of interest to the binding itself and the edge. Sure made it go fast too!

Hopefully You can see it in this detail. In these photos the colors are pretty true.
This quilt measures about 18" X 36".


The WestCountryBuddha said...

What a novel idea to put the binding on backwards and fix with blanket stitching. I've never seen that before; very innovative!

It's looking great. I love the colours!

Eva said...

Great how the applique and the fabrics work together!

Libby Fife said...

The quilt is lovely. There is something about the way those blocks set off the print. Plus, your bathroom is now gussied up and ready to go!

Nellie's Needles said...

It just sparkles ... like a sunny fall day. Who would've thought those fabrics would go so well together. And then there's the blue stitching around the showcased leaves ... brilliant!

Dawn said...

How beautiful and original with a feeling of movement and energy and yet simplicity. I'm impressed that you finish the projects you start -- mine seem to disappear and then reappear stashed in the closet of my 'crap' room!

Well done!!

And thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I so enjoy spending time with other fabric lovers.

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