Feb 3, 2009

Back At It

After recovering from a bit of the flu, I was able to find some time to work a bit on the beading and the girls. I have the girls finished with the basic first layer. I will add detail to them later. As you can see I again photographed them in the early morning so the sun is streaming through the blinds even though it is very cold out.

The beading continues and continues and continues. :) I enjoy doing it though, but will have a much deeper understanding of beaded quilts from this time on. I also am realizing just how many beads can be used up in a small space. An amazing learning curve. Be sure to click on the beaded photo so you can see a detail shot and see the beads.

A while back I talked about doing a fractured quilt. This style is taught by Katie Pasquini Masopust. Without any opportunities to take a class from her, I thought I would get her book
to learn the process. I found out this book is very hard to come by but I found a copy "used" and ordered it. It has finally come. Now I will study it before I begin one. There is much more to it then I first thought and I am sure having the book will be the answer. So that is something to start thinking about now.

I have also decided to make an upstairs room at my antique store a quilt gallery. Today I will remove the items we currently have in there and then Bob will fill the holes in the wall where we hung antique pictures etc. Then I will paint that one wall that needs it badly. The others are white and covered in the old fashioned tin that you most commonly see on ceilings, so they are
in good shape and should be an interesting background for the quilts. My sister quilter, Bonnie, has made up some great bags and she will bring those to have for sale as well. I am excited about trying this and since I have the space and the people coming in, I thought it worth a try.
So I will keep you posted on my progress there as well.

This weekend my son Jon and his wife Becky are taking a much needed weekend off. I will have my grandson Max for 3 days. Definitely have to get as much done between now and Friday as I can, but I can not wait to have him here.


Libby Fife said...

Wow, a ready made personal art gallery. Fantastic idea!

The girls look good and I like the addition of the kitty in the tree too.

Lots of beading. I have done some and you definetly have to have some patience.

Everything looks great-can't wait to see more. Thanks for the post.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you Libby, it is fun that is for sure. The girls help me make it through winter as it is definitely summer time where they are!

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