Jan 22, 2009

The Frost Wizard

Did not have much time to quilt yesterday. Had a delightful conversation with my sister Vicki, who lives in Kalama Wa. She is 3 years younger than me and the third oldest of my 4 sisters.
I miss her a lot since she lives so very far away from me, but thank goodness for technology. Soon we will be able to skype each other and that will be better yet.

I was quilting on the floral quilt for a little while and kept looking at this frost on my window. In my mind it became a wizard. The more I looked at it the more wizardy it became, but alas, he is gone today. Too bad he could not wave his feather wand and finish the quilting for me!

1 comment:

Eva said...

Incredible! Nature will always be the greatest designer of all.

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