Dec 16, 2008

Working hard!

I have been working hard, but not in my studio!

Seems there is just too much to do right now. Ran out and got what I needed to bring to my mother's for Christmas this weekend with her. If you all remember I am bringing the turkey and dressing. Since it is supposed to snow for the next few days and through the weekend (it is snowing now) I thought I better not risk not being able to get out.

At my shoppe I have been putting things on sale in hopes of some extra business from those last minute shoppers. It came to me that I have not shown much of my "other" life so I thought I would share some photos of things in my antique shoppe. We are lucky to have some beautiful antiques. Just got the marble and onyx pedestal in with the porcelain handpainted inserts. What a beauty! Hopefully someone can not live without it! Of course I could not omit showing one clock out of 400 that we have in the store.


Exuberant Color said...

It looks like you have a beautiful shop. Presentation is everything and yours looks like it does it well.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Thank you! I try my best and enjoy it.

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