Dec 3, 2008

Still working

I have been working on my quilt using some free motion quilting and some of the decorative stitches from my machine. This is the first time I have done that other than a zig zag or satin stitch and some other basic stitches. I am not sure I like using machine created stitches. It sort of compromises my creativity a bit. However, I am going to continue and see what the final outcome is. I will have some photos soon. I took some yesterday, but they were blurry. I needed to set my camera for closeup shots and did not do that. So hopefully I will have something to post tomorrow.

I am also going to begin another much larger quilt. I have been drawing sketches for this one in between working on my purple mountain one. Since my design wall is free, I thought I would start fabric auditions and begin piecing the background.

And guess what? It is snowing again today. What was supposed to be 2 inches is rapidly growing to 4 or more!

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