Dec 11, 2008

Christmas Preparation

I think I am going to have to put off quilting for a bit and concentrate on Christmas. My mother who is 84, is having her Christmas on the 21st. I am in charge of bringing the turkey and dressing. Since there will be 15 people there I am going to need a big turkey!

Then there a gifts to buy which I have started but not finished. I am trying to make a few gift items as well and then my newest Grandson, Max, has his birthday on the 26th so I have to include that into the celebration.

I finished and mailed out my Christmas Cards last night. Cut back on my list again this year so that helped. Went online this morning and ordered a few things from Barnes and Noble and Old Navy. Now I just need to think of something for my husband.....who buys what he needs when he needs it. He is always the hardest to buy for but I always come up with something so I will again I am sure.

Have been going through a few of my magazines trying to find an article I read a while back on alternative ways to bind your quilt. There was a technique in there that I thought was interesting but can not remember. My sister Bonnie reminded me about it when we were talking on the phone. It has something to do with doing a facing. This is when I wish I had started writing down where things were and which magazine they were in when I find them. Maybe that will be my New Years Resolution.

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