Sep 12, 2008

Back from quilt Expo!

I am back from going to the Madison Quilt Expo and seeing my quilt hanging along with all the other beautiful, artistic, outstanding works of art. It was amazing as usual and although I did not win a prize, I did win just by being accepted. I learned a lot during the show, have all sorts of ideas for new pieces, bought a bunch of fat quarters of some interesting fabrics not usually found in my local shoppes and had just a day of fun. I went with my quilting sister, Bonnie, my good friend, Claudia, my daughter Molly, and my niece, Sarah. We also brought my 84 year old Mother who met my 85 year old Aunt and they went off touring on their own at their own pace. My brother Jeff came late in the day to see the show and my quilt. I feel honored and now have the new goal of winning a prize! (One of these years. :) ) My daughter decided to begin rug hooking and needle punching and found a few items for that. So one day perhaps I will be able to show you some of her work. After the show we all went out to eat and when finished with dinner my son, Jon showed up with his wife Becky and my grandson Max just to congratulate me and see the family. So you can see that I am a winner no matter what. Now, back to quilting on "Whose There?" I will be entering "Turtle Soup" in my local Quilt Guild's Show (The Sheboygan County Quilt Guild). It will be held Saturday September 27th! So I am looking forward to that next. If you live locally be sure to go to that it is well worth it.

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