Aug 12, 2008

"Who's There?"

This past week was a hectic one. Spent lots of time working in my garden and also helping my Mother, who is 84, keep up with her flower beds. It did not leave much time to work on my lastest project. I have found that stopping in my studio and just looking at what I have gotten done so far, inspires me with some quick changes or additions that are spontaneous and fresh. It is worthwhile to pop in, even when you only have 20 minutes or so to spare. Sometimes for me, that is when I have a clear mind and look at my progress (after being away from it overnite) and see things I did not see after working on it for hours the day before. So even on days or weekends when there is just no time to spare except a few minutes, it can be very worthwhile to use that time just to observe your work. I have named this quilt "Who's There?" The reason I named it that will be obvious to you as I progress. Stay tuned! :)

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