Aug 21, 2008

Another Day

It seems for some reason I have become too busy to spend much time in my studio. I have made little to no progress on my newest project. Even when I enter my studio just to gaze at my progress so far, I can not get myself into the creative frame of mind. Part of this is my own fault as I am a fan of the Olympics and have spent much of my free time watching the athletes "go for gold". But tonight my plan is to get back to work.
Hopefully soon, you will see some progress on "Who's There?"

Bob and I have decided to retire from the antique business so have put our building and business up for sale. I will miss it and all the people we have met in the last 14 years. However, it will free me up to work full time on my quilting and that is what I want to do more than anything else. With the economy the way it is it may take some time to find a buyer for our property, but it will sell as it probably has the best location of any building in our downtown. I have included a picture of last years Christmas windows.

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