Jun 12, 2008

Quilting Progress

I am now into quilting my Turtle quilt. I am a bit worried as it was not laying real flat. I had been quilting the bottom detail vegetation first. I decided that I had better quilt over the entire surface and then go back for more detail work once I had anchored all the layers with some quilting.

When I started quilting on the water, I found I had to quilt it heavier than first thought to avoid
puffy areas from forming. This is when I started getting nervous as this is a lot of open space and my first idea was to quilt it with just a slightly wavy line going across the surface. But I soon could tell this was not going to balance out the dense quilting that was happening on the fish, Turtle and vegetation. So I began a different pattern adding some swirls and waves. I believe this will work out better even though the look is not what I had envisioned. But it is always a process isn't it?

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